What’s YOUR character

Web Assignment 2: Buzzfeed Personality Quiz (4.5 stars)

For the 2nd assignment I created a personality quiz on BuzzFeed using my favorite team as the personality characters. I used some of the best and most known players as the answers. I had a lot of fun doing this because I would love to know the outcome that some people would get. I did find it kind of difficult to come up with questions that would lead us to the answer, but I made it work. Here it goes!!!


Which Man U Personality Are YOU? 

My ideal room

Web Assignment 1: create your own room (4 stars)

This assignment wanted us to create our ideal room using pinterest. The picture below is a good representation of what I would want my ideal room to look like, but then I went ahead and remixed some of the ideas with the individual pictures.



The first and most important part of this is the bed, below is a bed that’s similar to this one, but a little higher and more to my liking. I also really like gray and sticking to that color would be nice.


The 2nd thing I would add to this ideal room is a place where I can set-up all my shoes. If it hasn’t been noted yet, I am a huge fan of shoes… I have LOTS OF THEM. I found this cool shelf that I would love to have in my room.



The last thing I enjoyed about that last room was the VIEW, so here’s the ideal view I would like to have room my room.



All these pictures really had me thinking about not only rearranging my room, but how awesome it would be to someday make my ideal room come true.

Week 7 Summary

  1. Completed Radio Show
  2. Radio Show Process and Progress
    As I mentioned before, my group with Mark, Ben, Anna did a good job of keeping everything on Google docs and delegating responsibilities accordingly. This week we met on Monday to go over all of the stuff we put on the docs and how it would play out before we recorded. On Tuesday we met and recorded the main components of our show, the stories. We picked four main stories to focus on, stories that we thought people would be able to relate to. The first one was about the Trump tapes, the 2nd story was about Heroin in the Public eye, the third story was about the Clown incidents, and the last story was about Hurricane Matthew. During this time we also went over the different commercials that we could include in the show and who would be responsible for what. Through-out the remainder of the week everyone worked on their parents individually. On Friday morning we met one last time to ensure that the radio show was complete and all final edits were made before submission. With all the great ideas and hard work, I think our radio show turned out better than we all expected, I am so excited to share it with everyone!

  3. Commenting
    Saw a lot of great stuff from people this week, really gave me some motivation to see their great ideas and hard work.
  4. Daily Creates



Daily Create



This is a picture I have on my phone from Washington, DC. I took this photo while taking off from Reagan National Airport on my last family vacation.

Summary of Week 6

So…. This Week we formed groups for our projects. Our projects are about making a radio station with a group and our is about weird stories around the world. We as a group hope to learn how to do a broadcast for you never know future reference. Our group has got to a great start with coming with plus 4 stories with detail information. Also making commercials and bumpers for our station. We already have a google doc with all this information and we are still writing ideas and putting in multiple bumpers, promo, commercial.  We are already setting up days to meet to get this together so we get it done.  I’m excited for this week and whats to come from radio station.



Radio Show Progress

Our group of 4 has made a google doc so we can put in stories, bumpers, promos, and commercials. Anna and Ben made a great start to get us ahead with adding commercials,bumpers, and stories. I added one about Hurricane Matthew. I’m working on the commercial and bumpers. We also started figuring out when we can meet as group which i’m sure we are on Monday at 9. Our group is rock and rolling!